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- bluetooth Chip


The earphones feature an advanced Bluetooth 5.1 chip, providing a stable and seamless wireless connection. This allows you to enjoy high-quality audio without interruptions or audio lag, ensuring an immersive listening experience.


- Composite Diaphragm Moving Coil


These earphones are equipped with a composite diaphragm moving coil, delivering rich, clear, and dynamic sound. The combination of different materials enhances the audio quality by minimizing distortion and maximizing the frequency response range.


- Adjustable Pull Rod


The earphone design includes an adjustable pull rod mechanism, allowing you to easily customize the fit according to your preference. This ensures a comfortable and secure fit for extended periods, preventing ear fatigue even during long listening sessions.


- Breathing Earmuffs


The earmuffs of these earphones feature a unique breathing design. This innovative feature provides ventilation and reduces heat buildup, ensuring prolonged comfort during extended use. The breathable earmuffs also help to minimize sweating and keep your ears cool.


- Support 3.5mm Wired Mode


In addition to wireless connectivity, these earphones also support a 3.5mm wired mode. This means you can connect the earphones to devices with a standard headphone jack, offering versatile compatibility options for various audio sources.

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